Widnes RLFC

1989 World Club Challenge - A Curious Affair

After Widnes' 30-18 victory over Canberra in the first official World Club Challenge match, the Chemics faced a trip to Yorksire just 4 days later to face the Sheffield Eagles.

After such an heroic performance against their Australian contemporaries to lift the title, it might have been expected, the next performance, given the closeness between the games, would produce a jaded performance. And so it transpired. All due credit to the Eagles who only did what you need to do in a game and beat the side in front of you.

Now, let's play a little imaginary game with these results. If we go with the 'theory' that Sheffield, having beaten Widnes then became 'unofficially' the best team in World Rugby league, surely the next team to beat Sheffield would then take on this 'unofficial' title, and so on and so forth.

Running this theory out until the end of the 1989-90 season gives us a final "World Club Champions" of..... yes.... you guessed it... Widnes!

Below is a summary of how these games finished and how the 'title' went full circle.
Date Match Result Title
04/10/1989 Widnes v Canberra Widnes win 30-18 Widnes
08/10/1989 Sheffield v Widnes Sheffield win 31-6 Sheffield
15/10/1989 Castleford v Sheffield Castleford win 24-22 Castleford
22/10/1989 Castleford v Featherstone Featherstone win 28-26 Featherstone
29/10/1989 Featherstone v Barrow Barrow win 29-22 Barrow
05/11/1989 Barrow v Wakefield Wakefield win 26-10 Wakefield
12/11/1989 Wakefield v Castleford Wakefield win 22-14 Wakefield
19/11/1989 Wakefield v Hull Hull win 19-12 Hull
21/11/1989 Hull v St. Helens St. Helens win 34-24 St. Helens
26/11/1989 Featherstone v St. Helens St. Helens win 24-23 St. Helens
02/12/1989 St. Helens v Hull KR St. Helens win 40-26 St. Helens
10/12/1989 St. Helens v Dewsbury 12 All Draw -
13/12/1989 Dewsbury v St. Helens St. Helens win 14-0 St. Helens
17/12/1989 St. Helens v Oldham St. Helens win 32-18 St. Helens
23/12/1989 St. Helens v Halifax Halifax win 10-9 Halifax
26/12/1989 Halifax v Huddersfield Halifax win 28-4 Halifax
31/12/1989 Halifax v Bramley Halifax win 30-10 Halifax
05/01/1990 Rydale-York v Halifax Rydale York win 18-14 Rydale York
14/01/1990 Rydale-York v Carlisle Rydale York win 52-14 Rydale York
21/01/1990 Runcorn Highfield v Ryedale York Rydale York win 27-24 Rydale York
28/01/1990 Fulham v Rydale York 14 All Draw -
31/01/1990 Rydale York v Fulham Fulham win 16-12 Fulham
04/02/1990 Oldham v Fulham Oldham win 52-4 Oldham
11/02/1990 Salford v Oldham Oldham win 18-7 Oldham
18/02/1990 Oldham v Chorley Oldham win 66-16 Oldham
25/02/1990 Widnes v Oldham Oldham win 16-4 Oldham
04/03/1990 Oldham v Huddersfield Oldham win 23-8 Oldham
07/03/1990 Keighley v Oldham Oldham win 30-10 Oldham
11/03/1990 Batley v Oldham Oldham win 30-14 Oldham
18/03/1990 Oldham v Runcorn Highfield Oldham win 60-2 Oldham
21/03/1990 Hunslet v Oldham Oldham win 42-14 Oldham
24/03/1990 Huddersfield v Oldham Odham win 22-14 Oldham
31/03/1990 Oldham v Warrington Warrington win 10-6 Warrington
08/04/1990 Hull v Warrington Hull win 44-16 Hull
15/04/1990 Sheffield v Hull Hull win 32-4 Hull
22/04/1990 Widnes v Hull Widnes win 18-8 Widnes
06/05/1990 Leeds v Widnes Widnes win 27-7 Widnes
13/05/1990 Widnes v Bradford Widnes win 28-6 Widnes