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Viking Quids In (V.I.Q.I)

By now we are sure most fans will have heard of Vikings Quid's In (V.I.Q.I.). This scheme is run in conjunction with the Widnes Supporters Club. For those that have not heard of V.I.Q.I. the main idea behind this scheme is to raise funds in order to buy and retain players to help Widnes Vikings. The scheme is independently operated and is not run by the Rugby Club.

VIQI Scheme Profile

We are a group of fans with a simple aim to raise funds in order to assist Widnes Vikings in the recruitment of new players and also in retaining existing players in order to further the ambitions of the club and the fans.

The scheme was set-up as a joint venture with the Widnes Vikings Supporters Club. We have a loyal and committed fan base with those able to support the scheme very happy with the progress and signings made to date. Quote from one satisfied member of VIQI "I'm delighted to say that for my £1 per week, I helped bring in the likes of Martin Crompton and Damien Blanch keep up the good work and could you please put your next money towards a top half back!"

The VIQI committee consists of 4 members, Jason Shaw, Joanne Shaw, Steve Fox and Chris Owen.

It is important to note that the committee do not pick and choose the players. The coach selects a player and if additional funds are required to help secure the signing he approaches VIQI. The committee discusses all proposals and also agrees on amounts of funding to be allocated to the coach.

The Coaches View on VIQI....

Since I have come to the club the Quid's In scheme has made some major contributions to help me in building a team that will be able to challenge for promotion.

I fully support the scheme and its achievements to date are quite outstanding, a big rap has to go to all the fans that support schemes such as VIQI and I would be delighted to see the scheme surpass its previous record number of members of 492.

The scheme plays a major part in ensuring we retain and recruit the right calibre of players, this is imperative if we are to make a speedy return to Super League.

To this end and hopefully to start a trend I am willing to put my money where my mouth is and sign up for the scheme, I would urge all fans to join me and together we can bring back the glory days!

Contact Information

There are a number of ways for you to get in touch with us, the first and best place to do that is via this web site, just click on the contact us link. The other ways to get in touch is via the Widnes Vikings Club, send your mail to the address detailed below remembering to mark your mail F.T.A.O. Vikings Quid’s In.

Postal address:
F.T.A.O: - Vikings Quid’s In
Widnes Vikings
Stobart Stadium Halton,
Lowerhouse Lane
Widnes, Cheshire, WA8 7DZ

Email: info@viqi.co.uk